Wednesday, January 25, 2017

5th annual Memorial Day Classic Tournament

Some of the top programs in New England compete in the annual Memorial Day Classic in Manchester, NH. This year's tourney will be held May 27-29, 2017 in Manchester, N.H., and nearby fields. Venues include Gill Stadium, St. Anselm College and Derryfield School.

2017 Registered and interested teams

10u -- Pool A games at Donati Field, 51 South Main St. Hooksett, NH 03106;  Pool B games at Manchester North Little League, 975 Beech Street, Manchester, NH 03104
(10 teams total, 2 pools) Spinners Red, Spinners Navy, Bobcats, Shamrocks, A's Baseball, Seacoast Pirates East, Seacoast Pirates South, Saratoga Stars, Mizuno USA, Clifton Park Plainsmen

11u -- All games at Auburn Baseball and Softball; Eddows Fields, 26 Priscilla Lane, Auburn, NH 03032
(15 teams total, 3 pools) Bobcats, Spinners Red, Rivals, Shamrocks, Razorbacks, A's Black, A's Gold, Cannons Orange, Cannons Black, Seacoast Pirates Blue, Nashua Jr. Dodgers, H/B Jr. Dodgers, Rhode Island Sea Dogs, Maine Lightning Blue, Saratoga Stars

12u -- All games at Manchester East Cal Ripken fields, 313 Tarrytown Road, Manchester, NH 03103 
(13 teams total, 3 pools); Dover, Jr. Dodgers Blue, Jr. Dodgers White, Bobcats Pappas, Bobcats Yerrington, Bobcats Evans, Spinners Red, Spinners Navy, Razorbacks, A's Baseball, Cannons, Rivals Navy, Rivals White

13u -- (14 teams totals, 3 pools) Perfect Swing, Spinners Prospect, Spinners Scout, Central Maine Rebels, Shamrocks, Razorbacks, Bobcats Michaud, Bobcats Caiani, Bobcats Beleski, A's Baseball, Cannons, Rivals White, Rivals Navy, Chelmsford Lions

14u -- (16 teams total, 4 pools) Perfect Swing, Central Maine Rebels, Bobcats Gray, Bobcats Monty, Shamrocks, Spinners Prospects, Spinners Scout, Spinners Futures, Razorbacks American, Razorbacks National, Razorbacks Central, A's Black, A's Gold, Rivals, C4 Baseball

Our goal is to provide teams with a competitive tournament without having to travel too far on Memorial Day weekend. Once again, the Bobcats Classic will raise funds for local baseball and softball organizations. These funds are raised through a $5 gate fee at adults for Gill Stadium. In the past, the tournament raised thousands for Youngsville Athletic Association, Auburn Baseball and Softball and helped send players to Cooperstown Dreams Park. There will be countless volunteers helping run this tournament and we thank you very much! Please abide by the following rules and guidelines.

Cost: $700 per team for 10u, 11u, 12u; $800 per team for 13u and 14u. Entries are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis. Deposit of $300 is due March 1, 2016. Full payment is due by May 1, 2016. Make checks payable to Bobcats Baseball. This tournament has a FOUR-GAME MINIMUM.

Field Policy -- No dogs. No alcohol. No tobacco products. These complexes will follow a Zero Tolerance policy.

Site coordinators -- Responsible for interpreting facility rules, time limits as well as making decisions regarding the weather and field conditions. Teams are expected to help retrieve foul balls. Umpires are assigned by Granite State Umpire Association.

Insurance -- Each team is required to carry its own insurance certificate naming "New Hampshire Bobcats" as insured and submit a certificate of insurance prior to tournament. Proof of insurance must also be mailed to NH Bobcats within two weeks of the event.

Tournament FAQs -- Pool play games on Saturday and Sunday. Semifinals/Championships/Consolation/Rainout makeup games on Monday. Baseballs provided. No bat restrictions. Metal spikes only permitted at 90-foot diamonds. Time limits shall be 1-hour, 50-minutes and always finish the inning or based on the discretion of the site coordinator. If there is enough time and daylight to finish the game (or if no other teams are waiting), the game shall continue its natural course through regulation. Pool play games may end in a tie. Mercy rule for ages 10-12 is 15 runs after three innings and eight runs after four innings. Mercy rule for ages 13 and 14 is ten runs after four innings and eight runs after five innings. 

Playoffs/championship: No time limit on playoff games. If tied after regulation, California-style tiebreaker applies. Extra Hitters (EH) are allowed. Roster batting is allowed. Batting order never changes. No infield/outfield before games ... No pitching restrictions for tournament play. 

POOL PLAY TIE-BREAK: Pool seeding is based on pool play winning percentage (overall record vs. teams in your pool), then head-to-head, then runs allowed, then run differential, and, if needed, a coin flip.

Starting games -- Teams must be at their field and ready to play 30 minutes before the scheduled start of their game. Teams may start a game with eight players if necessary. If this happens, the ninth batter will be an automatic out in the ninth spot in the order until the player arrives and fills the ninth spot. If a player leaves a game or cannot play as a result of injury -- and only eight players remain in the lineup -- that player's spot will be an automatic out in the batting order.

Mound visits -- Pro-style EBL rules apply. Pitchers must be replaced on the second trip to the mound for the same pitcher in the same inning. Once a pitcher has been removed from the game or goes to another position, he may not re-enter the same game as a pitcher.

Home/Away -- First team listed on the master schedule is the visiting team. In playoffs, higher seeds are home teams.

Rosters -- Players may not participate on multiple teams within the same age division.

Open/Closed bases -- 10u Division games are closed bases (no leading) unless both teams agree on open bases and leading. Batters may not advance on dropped third strikes unless both coaches agree. 11u Divisions and up will have open bases. 10u Division plays on 46/60 diamond; 11u Division plays on 50/70; 12u plays on 50/70; 13u and up play on 60/90.

Weather-related refunds -- If games are not played as a result of unplayable fields, teams will be issued the following refunds: No games: 100 percent refund; one game: 75 percent refund; two games: no refund. A $50 processing fee will be charged for entry cancellations within 30 days of tournament start date. No refund for any cancellations within 30 days of tournament start date.

5th annual Memorial Day Classic Registration Form
May 27-29, 2017 Manchester, NH

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Please print this form and mail. Make checks payable to: Bobcats Baseball

Mail checks to:
Kevin Gray
10 Abbey Road
Bow, NH 03304