2017 Fall Baseball

The Fall League schedule consists of doubleheaders every weekend in September and October. High School Division and Middle School Division games are played at Jamie Welch Park in Boscawen, Winnisquam Regional High School in Tilton or the Youngsville complex. In the 12u Division, games are played at Sanel Park in Concord or Youngsville. Teams will compete in a 14-game schedule with playoffs at the end of October. All Bobcats fall teams will have an optional midweek workout at Ultimate Sports Academy in Manchester. Cost is $300 and includes jersey, hat and fall membership to USA (use the cages anytime when available).

12U Division (Saturdays) First doubleheader is Sept. 9. Players cannot turn 13 prior to May 1, 2018. Players have a fall membership to USA. Team practice will be held once per week.

Coach: Rickey Gaudreault
1. Grayson Davis
2.  Sam Neville
3. Caleb Hawkins
4. Bodie Coffey

Middle School (Saturdays) First doubleheader is Sept. 9
Coach: Matt Bouchard
1. Ethan Piotrowski
2.  Max Lukeman
3. Nate Griffin
4. Tyson Whittaker
5. Sam Neville
6. Ian Dresser
7. Ethan Chow
8. Jake Cooper
9. Bryce Cooper
10. Ethan Scherer
11. Sean Sweeney
12. Anthony Bautista
13. Brady Anderson

Middle School (Saturdays) First doubleheader is Sept. 9
Coach: Kevin Gray
1. Karl Anderson
2. Luke Wilke
3. Alex Kehas
4. Travis Knouse
5. Ethan Gray
6. Ethan Clark
7.  A.J. Partington
8. Sam Becker
9.  Bryce Foster
10. Anthony DeTone
11. Zach Anderson
12. Dominick McGee
13. Jayden Lamothe

High School Division (Sundays) First doubleheader is Sept. 10
Coach: Kevin Gray
1.  Sam Dicicco
2. Riley Elliott
3.  Nick Kiah
4. Tony Sampo
5.  Matt Hamilton
6. Ben Harris
7. Steven Guerrette
8. Anthony Constant
9.  Matthew Lee
10. Theo Partington