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Welcome! We love baseball and have a passion to teach the game the right way. That’s what brought coaches KG, Monty and others together in the summer of 2012. The goal: offer excellent instruction in a healthy atmosphere and help guide players into high school and college baseball. If your son loves the game and is driven to excel, we are thrilled to say you’ve come to the right place! The New Hampshire Bobcats are focused on skill development with an eye on the future -- in baseball and life. Yes, sports are great fun, but we understand that instilling values of hard work, teamwork and sportsmanship are much more important than winning a game. We are all about the long term.

Some of the benefits of being a Bobcat:
-- Membership and training at Ultimate Sports Academy, 201 Allard Drive, Manchester. Access to cages, HitTrax batting simulator, the basketball court, free weights and agility equipment.

-- New for 2019! In addition to year-round access to our facility, each Bobcats family is entitled to one free birthday party at USA! 

-- Team training twice per week from January through March. Building arm strength and refining proper baseball fundamentals takes a lot of work and attention to detail. We spend the first 12 weeks of winter training building a foundation for the spring. Players are taught by Bobcats coaches who have college and pro experience. 

-- Four-week Catcher's Camp. Catching is such a crucial position, yet often the most neglected when teaching kids. We bring in coaches with best experience and coaching background to teach young catchers in this four-week January program. This camp is free for rostered Bobcats.

-- Twenty-five game schedule in the New England Elite Baseball League, including tournaments. Our players compete against the region's top competition. In some seasons, when the weather cooperates, our teams play 30-40 games. 

-- Eight-week agility and strength training at USA starting Nov. 26. This program focuses on footwork, core strength and agility drills and is led by cross-fit guru and Bobcats coach Juan Amador. 

-- 12u Cooperstown Team! We celebrate a player's career on the "small diamond" with a week-long trip to Cooperstown Dream Park. This is the ultimate 12u tournament before players graduate to the 90-foot diamond. We have already made the first deposit for the 2019 Cooperstown trip.

-- Trip to Baseball Nationals at Myrtle Beach. In August, we are taking a 12u and 13u team to this amazing week-long tournament. There is pin trading, trips to the beach and water park, Grand Prix go-kart racing and more.

-- Dodgertown at Vero Beach. Each February, the Bobcats take a break from the frozen Granite State with a trip to Dodgertown for President's Day weekend. This is an optional trip. Players live like big leaguers for three days -- just as the Dodgers did before moving to Arizona for spring training.

-- Uniform and gear for 2019: all players will receive two hats, game jersey, workout shirt, game socks. Pants are available to purchase for $20.


Where are home games? For 13u and up, we play at St. Anselm College, Bow High School, Derryfield School. We have also played home games at Gill Stadium and Northeast Delta Dental Stadium. For 12u and under, we play at Manchester North, Manchester East, Auburn Little League, Bow Middle School.

What is the age classification? A player's age and classification for the spring and summer season is determined by the May 1 cutoff date. How old is the player on May 1, 2019? That answer determines "league age" for the 2019 season. For example, if your son was born on May 20, 2014 he would be 14u eligible in 2019.

What is the Fall League? Ten weeks of instruction and games on weekends in the Cannons Fall League. The league is an excellent program for those looking to refine their skills and join the Bobcats to learn what we are all about. Cost is $300. All players will receive a Bobcats hat and game shirt. This also includes an optional midweek workout at Ultimate Sports Academy.

What's the regular-season schedule? We will play in the New England Elite Baseball League and participate in at least two non-division weekend tournaments. Overall, the schedule will consist of 25 games, beginning in early April and continuing into June (and July for older teams).

What's the cost? Tuition for the 2019 season is $1,600 for 9u-12u and $2000 for 13u and up.

Winter workouts? Team training at Ultimate Sports Academy, which features the region's best turf, lighting and professional instruction. Bobcats players take part in winter training at no extra charge and have a year-round membership to USA. We also have a strength and conditioning program ($200 value) for all rostered Bobcats in Nov. and Dec.

When will the rosters be finalized? Players earn roster spots through tryouts and private evaluations. Rosters are formed in August. Tryouts begin in July. Ask about private evaluations if you might not be able to attend.

What type of bats are permitted? In 2018, metal bats must have a USA stamp to play in EBL 9u-12u. As players get older, they will be required to swing BBCOR or wood bats. All tournaments have their own rules. At Baseball Heaven in Long Island, for example, players are required to play with -3 BESR certified bats and the barrel may not exceed 2-5/8 inches. From a development standpoint, we encourage players to swing wood bats as much as possible.

In what tournaments do the Bobcats play? We have played up and down the East Coast in so many awesome tournaments, including Vero Beach, Fla. (Dodgertown), Myrtle Beach, S.C., Aberdeen, Md., "Sports at the Beach" in Rehoboth Beach, Dela., Connecticut SportsPlex, Diamond Nation in Flemington, N.J., War at the Shore in Connecticut, New England Baseball Complex, Franklin Pierce University and more. We also host our own tournaments at Gill Stadium and St. Anselm College.

Can I play on my middle school team and also play for the Bobcats? Yes. We have yet to come across a conflict with any school coaches. School baseball is the No. 1 priority. For ages 15 and up, the travel baseball season does not start until the high school season is over.

Making an impact in the community: The Bobcats are proud to support local organizations with sponsorships, financial assistance and efforts to strengthen baseball communities in New Hampshire. We have a strong partnership with several youth programs and have donated new equipment, provided free clinics and organized fundraising efforts for local non-profits. No players have ever been turned away if they cannot afford Bobcats tuition. Since the inaugural fall season in 2012, the Bobcats have offered more than $50,000 in monetary and in-kind donations to dozens of players and organizations. Our efforts include supporting Auburn Little League, Concord Northeast Baseball and Softball, Youngsville Junior Baseball League, Manchester East Cal Ripken, Manchester West Little League, Manchester North Little League, Frank Monahan Foundation, Capt. Doug DiCenzo Camp Fund, McKelvie Middle School, New Hampshire Special Olympics and more.

Conduct Agreement
Policies and Expectations of Players:
1. Never walk between the foul lines. Hustle on and off the field. Remember, it’s a privilege to play this game.
2. Support your teammates and coaches. Let the head coach deal with any umpire issues. The umpires will make bad calls, but you must learn to deal with it and move on.
3. I understand that it is important for me to attend practices and games, and be on time to practices and games. Poor attendance and lateness will result in less playing time for a player.
4. DO NOT throw a bat, helmet, glove, or any other equipment. The use of foul language, aggressive behaviors, or uncooperative behaviors that disrespect the game will require me to sit on the bench.
5. Each player should play the equivalent of a full game of a doubleheader. (This includes the role of the Extra Hitter). If you’re not in the game, use the opportunity to learn something by paying attention. During playoffs and tournaments, the coaches are NOT required to play everyone.
6. If you believe you’re not getting enough playing time, work harder. Become a better player.
Your opportunity will come. Concentrate on what you can control: being a hard worker and good teammate. If you have any questions related to playing time and or positional play, the player is required to discuss this with my coaches / manager directly at the appropriate time and place (outside of games, practices, or the team dugout). 

Policies and Expectations of Parents

1. The coaches are strong communicators. We will make every effort to resolve a problem you might have as quickly as possible. However, after a game or practice, parents wait 24 hours before using any method of communication with the coach. If there is a problem, we will work to get it right.
2. Don’t jump to conclusions on game management decisions. Parents often criticize coaches for what’s happening on the field when don’t know the situation. For instance, if a runner gets thrown out at second base on a stolen base attempt, perhaps the batter missed the sign for a hit-and-run.
3. Parents are expected to sit back and enjoy the game. Do not attempt to coach your child from the sidelines. We have it covered.
4. There will be tough times. Baseball is a game with inherent failure, and we are teaching the players how to handle it. They will become stronger players as a result of learning how to deal with adversity, slumps, bad umpires, injuries, etc...
5. Development and winning go hand-in-hand, but the most important goal is to develop players to succeed in the future. Remember that is the long-term goal.

Financial / Payment Policy:

Make checks payable to Bobcats Baseball. The tuition will be divided into four (4) payments.
-- 1st payment of $500.00 is due Sept. 1.You will receive email reminders when a payment is due. All payments are non-refundable. If you have a financial hardship case, do not address this with the coach. These cases need to be brought to the board’s attention for consideration. Please contact Dina Montembeault to state your case. The board will review each case at the board meeting following the request and make a decision on an individual basis. 
Players may withdraw from the team/program at any time. No fees will be refunded. 
Fundraisers: A unique aspect of the NH Bobcats is our pressure-free fundraising. Every fundraiser we have is OPTIONAL. Fundraising events include a Movie Night/Campout at USA. We also have Fisher Cat tickets and Super Bowl Squares for fundraising.

Are players insured? Yes, we are insured through American Specialty Insurance & Risk Services, Inc., which specializes in youth athletics and travel teams.

What is the future of the program? Have core players stay together and prepare for the high school, college and yes, maybe the pro level. Bobcats Prospects team play in front of college coaches at the best tournaments in New England. We are highly connected within the college baseball landscape and will help find the right college program for your son.

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the New Hampshire Bobcats program and related events and activities, the undersigned acknowledges, appreciated and agrees that: 
1. The risk of injury from the activities involved in the program is significant, including the potential for permanent paralysis and death, and while particular rules, equipment and personal discipline may reduce the risk, the risk of serious injury does exist and, 
2. I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown, EVEN IF ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASES or others, and assume all responsibility for any participation; and,
3. I willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms and conditions for participation. If however, I observe any unusual significant hazard during my presence or participation, I will remove myself from participation and bring such to the attention of the nearest official immediately, and,
4. I for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release and hold harmless Bobcats Baseball, Bobcats AAU Baseball, their officers, officials, agents and/or employees, other participants, sponsoring agencies, advertisers, and if applicable, owners and leasers of premises used to conduct the event ("Releases"), WITH RESPECT TO ANY AND ALL INJURY, DISABILITY, DEATH, or loss or damage to person or property, WHETHER ARISING FROM THE NEGLIGENCE OF THE RELEASES OR OTHERWISE.
I have read this release of liability and assumptions of risk agreement, fully understand its terms, understand that I have given up substantial rights by signing it, and sign it freely and voluntarily without any inducement. By signing, I agree to the above statements and verify that the date of birth is correct 
Player Name: _____________________________________DOB: __________________
Parent / Guardian’s Signature: _____________________________________ Date:__________________
Validated By: _____________________________________ Date: _________________
New Hampshire Bobcats Player / Parent Team Handbook Page 8
Player Name: __________________ Phone: _________________ Date of Birth: __________
Address: __________________ City: _________________ State/Zip: __________
Guardian Name: __________________ Phone: _________________ Relationship: __________
Guardian Name: __________________ Phone: _________________ Relationship: __________
Preferred Doctor Name: _________________________________ Phone: _____________________
Preferred Dentist Name: _________________________________ Phone: _____________________
Preferred Hospital: _____________________________________________________________________
Insurance Carrier: _________________________________ Policy #: _____________________
Medical History: Allergies, Medications, Special Conditions, Etc.

For the love of the game,

The Bobcats staff

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